Tuesday, November 27, 2012

my instructional report thingy i had to do for school

How to crochet! WARNING: Extremely addictive

First, you will need to go to a store and buy all your materials. You will need; yarn, (caron simply soft works best) and then go to the hook isle and pick your size hook, I recommend metal hooks because they are less likely to break. You will also need a tapestry needle, and very sharp scissors. Then after you get home, you should go online and look up how to begin and end your crochet projects (you also might need some how to single crochet videos too) next go on Google and search beginner crochet patterns, if you have any trouble click here next gather all your materials and sit somewhere quiet, and by a computer if you need help. When you are finished you can admire your work, give it away, or even sell it that is all you need to know to start your crochet journey have fun

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